Effective Transportation System for Cargo

Adworth Transport is a leading Nigeria transportation services provider. We are committed to developing innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet the freight transport needs of our clients.Adworth Transport is a nationwide mover of 'general freight' consisting of larger individual items and consolidated freight on pallets. As well as trucking, we employ rail and land transportation for Interstate movement of cargo. This means we can offer a range of flexible and reliable service options to suit our clients’ freight-type and deadlines. Our main goal is Delivering In Full, On Time and Undamaged .Our Sophisticated Transportation management systems help us to measure and achieve high performance standards. We also offer our clients solutions to save time and money and keep them fully informed. And we know exactly what to do to meet the stringent demands for punctuality, cargo care, safety and security that we insist upon. Our Company specializes in fast, convenient and trouble-free Transportation movement throughout Nigeria. We do this by being the best in the business at speedy delivery.We've been operating successfully since 2008, we provide a fully integrated service moving small, large and bulk freight items. We also offer storage and distribution options.